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My name is Ioana Negulescu and I am a multipotentialite. I have a wide range of diverse interests. My constant curiosity has always made me hungry to acquire new skills and discover new fields. I have a background in graphic design, with a natural appetite for copywriting and photography. Because my mind is both highly creative and strategic, I have learnt social media and community management not only out of passion, but also aiming to take my personal branding further, which I believe is an imperative nowadays.
strategy. copywriting. design. events. marketing. creativity. innovation.

I have been working in marketing and communications. I have been blogging as well as managing the websites behind the blogs, including their design, strategy and SEO. I have been improving as a cook and am working on publishing a cookbook. I am developing a board game for people who don’t usually like board games. I am interested in innovation, notably in business, design and education and how creativity and a focus on wellbeing are generators of today’s new competitive advantage. I organised exhibitions in Paris, Vienna and Bucharest. I was a apseaker at two conferences, in Paris and in London. I have done event concept design, and even got to be a DJ at a corporate party. And finally, I am fascinated by the science of happiness, which is why I call myself The Happyholic.

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