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Generation Z vs. Generation Y – Pragmatism vs. Optimism

Today my 15 y.o. brother was live on Romanian TV. He spent his 110 minutes talking about the education system in Romania, about politics, about promoting Romania, about corruption, about Romanians’ mentalities, about change, about TEDx, about learning, about the human nature. His stories were not only coherent and logical, but impressively pertinent. His goals[…]

A broken system, a tragedy and new hope

A broken system, a tragedy and new hope

– written for Citinerary, –  When a system is broken, the masses are the ones who can change things for the better. And sometimes only through tragedy can we build a new hope.   The Tragedy Last Friday night a fire started in a Bucharest based club, where 31 people died (a number which[…]


Shaping Bucharest’s identity through interior design

– written for Citinerary, – Dear Westerner, this is a story about the incredible evolution in design of Bucharest’s bars, pubs and restaurants.   This lovely, eclectic city has been going through a continuous process of transformation. This is just a snapshot of how this city’s identity is being built through interior design. Postcommunist[…]


Creativity: the new competitive advantage

Creativity: the new competitive advantage  In an era in which innovation takes place on every dimension surrounding us, in which technology is improving faster than ever, creativity has become more important than ever before. As times are changing, and businesses are changing, new competitive advantage needs to be generated. Creativity is no longer only associated[…]

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Corporate Happiness: turning a threat into an opportunity

Never before in history has the world been as connected as it is today. Due to the easy access to boundless amounts of information, millennials no longer train themselves to do one thing, but develop interests in a variety of different fields (here, an insightful article on the topic). Novelty is embraced at ease and[…]